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What I Ate to Lose 78 Pounds ♡ | My Weight Loss Food Diary!



  1. girl I love you but what the hell are you eating? I know that this is not my body but what you showed looks so tiny….. This seems like not enough at all for a good weight loss ?

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  5. Great job

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  8. Can we please get the homemade pizza recipe?

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  11. how much do you weigh now? thats such a tiny amount of food… you must be starving all the time

  12. natural fats in cheese and sausages in moderate amounts are still good for you, don't be afraid of that cheese <3

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  14. How did you make the flourless pb cookies? Great video glad you told us what you ate ;}

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  17. before this comment you had 666 comments ahhh!!

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  20. thank you

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