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What I ate to lose 70 Pounds!!! | My Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Food Options



  1. I've watched so many of these and this is by far my favorite. Loved how u showed pictures then quick demos!

  2. Jade Grant (Jadenator)

    You are so cute and I adore your hair

  3. thank u!

  4. Kaitlyn lashea Justice

    gonna try some of them tomarrow when I go to the grocery store

  5. ' lil threesomee ' hahaha ><

  6. Where have you been. Missing your videos

  7. beautifull hair o.o

  8. You are so pretty!

  9. I love your voice! I can watch these types of videos all day, so relaxing.

  10. Great tips! New subbie!

  11. How many calories u consume in a day and much do u burn exercise

  12. Great video. Now I'm curious what you ate for dinner.

  13. I honestly had no idea that eating healthy could be so delicious and not boring! After looking at fitblrs and and websites on eating healthy and exercising, you're the only person that's truly inspired me. Thank you and good luck <3 :D

  14. I love her voice !!! ツ

  15. I love your hair!!

  16. love ur meal plan.

  17. Can you upload a video for your homemade chocolate chip bars? Those look delicious!

  18. Very helpful. Thank you 

  19. Where i can find PB2?

  20. I love your voice

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