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Weight Watchers – Zero Calorie Soup Recipe



  1. U added chicken stock.. Now stop calling it vegetable soup.

  2. going to try this…love your blogs

  3. Ah this soup looks super yummy! Thanks for the recipe Sophia!???

  4. only water and air have 0 calories

  5. More Weight Watcher recipes please

  6. Awesome video, after watching your video I went on to amazon and found this 0 calorie stevia http://amzn.to/2fOChQC I'm getting that now! Can't wait to try it with my coffee and teas woohoo. Have a wonderful day guys!

  7. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

    This recipe actually contains over three-hundred, and thirty-three calories (333cal) not 0. In fact the only thing with 0 calories is water. Lets break this down…

    – The college inn chicken broth is 15 calories per serving (now i don't know how many servings are in the entire box, but she used it all. So that likely dramatically increases the grand total of this meals calorie intake all by itself. Definitely not "0" calories.

    – 2 cups cabbage = 43 calories (not 0)
    – 1 cup carrots = 50 calories (not 0)
    – 1 cup broccoli = 31 calories (not 0)
    – 1 cup kale = 33 calories (not 0)
    – 1 cup (canned) tomatoes = 32 calories (not 0)
    – 1 cup celery = 16 calories (not 0)
    – 1 cup mushrooms = 21 calories (not 0)
    – 2 onions = 88 calories (not 0)
    – 1 clove garlic = 4 calories (not 0)

    I always appreciate people posting recipes online, but its not right to falsely advertise something as zero calories, when it in fact contains hundreds of calories. Looks tasty but for anyone who wants to make this, be aware that it is not "zero" calories. Nothing is.

  8. Just bought this pot, going to try and make this soup tomorrow (getting all the stuff today). So excited!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  9. Cannot find broccoli rabe in az

  10. Thank you so much the soup looks delicious

  11. i love what you did with this soup – I'm going to get the stuff this Friday – cannot wait!

  12. Thank you Sophia ,,,you are such a inspiration…I was just at doctors and I am a senior , and she said she wanted me to lose at least (mind you I need to lose alot more) but 25 lbs…for my health….I have been on weight watchers before…they are the authority, but I have to simplify it I think this time to stay on it,,but for sure count points…you were a blessing to discover….thank you…Bless you and good luck to you ….looks like you have a wonderful family

  13. All of those veggies have calories and so does the broth and seasoning.. So saying its 0 calories I find very odd..

    Maybe 0 points but not 0 calories

  14. Did you come up with that all by yourself? Very clever, although the tomato would be a problem as I'm allergic to the things.

  15. Jeffrey campbell sr

    my wife made this soup, neither one of us were on diet, it was my favorite soup, since my wife has passed away, now I can make it on my own, I really like it during the winter

  16. Great job!!

  17. Just made this soup!!!! Super easy and it's quite filling. I was also able to make three freezer bags for it as well ☺️

  18. this is not 0 calories

  19. Delphenia Celestin

    Hi, how well does the kale freeze? It doesn't crumble after freezing? Thanks

  20. Oh my goodness this soup is good. I adjusted based on my tastes, (the red pepper flakes are amazing) and it was delightful on a rainy afternoon. Thanks very much for sharing. Zero calories or not, it's a hearty and delicious way to make a very healthy soup.

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