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  1. if we r following dis then how about our food intake shud v follow eating what we use to and even then v going to lose weight?

  2. mam can I use in winter season….

  3. pani khatam hone ki bad dubara pani dalna hai ya ingredients bhe dubara dalna hai

  4. how long should you keep ingredients til you change with fresh ingredients?

  5. what kind of water to use?

  6. is it okay to have it except mint??? im not sure if mint is available or not

  7. what if I don't have lemons can I still make it ?

  8. hi …that ingredients will changed?? r not ..i mean daily get fresh ingredients water ah?

  9. what if you dont have ginger or lemons

  10. what if I dont have mint leaves can I just use the other ingredients?

  11. one month

  12. how much time use this for weight loss???

  13. Im blending all the ingredients with a lot more ginger .. Does it have the same results?

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely information and helping me to become a beautiful woman Inside and Out… Thank you for sharing and please continue to help us all… ??

  15. Shake-ur Mwoongela

    what can i eplace with mint leaves if i cant get them

  16. how much weight do we loss in a day

  17. can we add cinnamon powder in it

  18. in how many days it will work. is there any side effects of this drink in any case 'such as periods or pregnancy.

  19. after finishing of water the ingredients could be reused or we throw them .plz tell

  20. when water will be finished then what to do more water should be added or make new

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