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WEIGHT LOSS VLOGMAS #9/10 | Keto Christmas Cookies Attempt #1



  1. I love vanilla too, I always overdo it ?????

  2. Yummy Inspirations

    I can't tell you how many times I've gone to edit and found my hair doing weird things/make up on my teeth/unusable footage! So frustrating. Great video anyways! :)


    I love you and your sister's relationship=).

  4. I bought the isopure and love it thanks for the tip

  5. I really like the both of you. Funny and easy to watch

  6. I had to get up and twerk to the intro music

  7. Undateableblackgirl

    You and your sister are so cute.

  8. I know how you feel when it comes to moving by yourself with no help. If I was close by I would have helped you girl but I'm way in Illinois haha

  9. smokegreen_ eatclean

    omg i am going to have to try this! btw love you kayla

  10. you guys are so funny! does PSMF have you losing daily? I'm doing lchf and I definitely don't have huge losses daily so I'm just wondering. also can you do a video explaining psmf?

  11. You and your Sis are so cute together, reminds me of my relationship with my sis, we love to laugh and have fun too. Congrats on your weight loss!

  12. Recipe please!

  13. check out cup4cup its gluten free flour and is really good.

  14. heyy how many grams of carbs are you eating a day roughly on a keto diet?

  15. wheres the recipe girl? lol i need to make healthy snack for my zumba class lol n wanna try these

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