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Weight Loss Vlog – NO SUGAR Oatmeal Cookies – #41 Feb 23, 2014 Ride2health



  1. Based on your ING. cookies should be delicious however when you show them coconut looks toasted but cookie itself underneath look a bit on the raw. Wish you took a bite to show center consistency and your bars, show how you easily cut them, or do they crumble? should they be semi-pre- cut?
    Thanks for your video, I will try it, hope they come out good.

  2. Bashah De La Garza

    I get steel cut oatmeal now because of you! There like grits extreme!

  3. Rachael Lyn (rainbowbright742)

    Nice recipe! And thanks for the info on steel cut vs. rolled oats. I tried looking this info up for myself and was not able to find such clear explanation as you gave!!

  4. Omg thoses cookies looked delish I'm def going to try that thanks for sharing can't weight to see results for your weigh i 

  5. Looks so good but everything does that u make so yeahhh hahah, well done :D

  6. Cool, I would try that.  BTW, I had my first green smoothie today from wholefoods. It's was really good and got stuff to do my own. pic on instrgram

  7. Can't wait to try that recipe! My mom will love that. She has a few recipes she's been trying for homemade protein bars, I'll have to ask her about it.

  8. Mmmm… I'll have to try this too!!! Those look delicious and I'm sure they taste awesome!!! = ) Thanks for sharing this!!! 

  9. I like the steel cut ones better for cooking. I use them in my meatloaf/meatballs & cookies because I feel they hold together better.   I'm going to have to try this recipe though. 

  10. i have never had steel cut oats… i might have to try that!!!
    I just wanna thank u for giving these great healthy tips and recipes

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