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Weight Loss Smoothies: Avoid This Common Recipe Mistake!



  1. is coconut milk or water ok to use or is it to sweet?

  2. what are some other good recipes? also if almond milk okay to use instead of water?

  3. thank you . i learned a lot .

  4. My breakfast is a smoothie. what I add is Banana, papaya and oatmeal. Sometimes I add strawberry or blueberry. That's all I drink in the morning until lunch. I'm not sure if I'm actually doing it right.I really want to loose 20lbs.I really love the smoothie because I don't starve all morning. I'm active in my exercise routine.

  5. love your channel so informative thank you so much.

  6. What do you think about the raw food community? They all seem very slim but eat a high sugar diet.

  7. Deplorable Snowcloud

    Dr Phoenyx, Do you have a recipe?

  8. Bananas was my favorite but I have no problem switching to blueberries. I eat blueberries as a snack and they are suppose to help with brain functioning. I will try grapefruits too. Hopefully they will help me get rid of this belly. I love me some honey crisp apples. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Thanks so much for this information. I'm so happy that I found you (thank you Black Doctor e-news letter).
    Do you suggest adding powdered protein and/or fiber to smoothies to ensure we get enough of both, on top of staying away from high glycemic fruit?
    Thanks in advance….
    P.S. You rock!

  10. smoothie recipies?

  11. Does blending oatmeal in the smoothie affect the nutritional quality of the oatmeal? I mean, does it make the oatmeal more "processed" and more like a simple carb?

  12. What do you think of these Super Green powder mixes. I add two scoops to one scoop of whey protein and mix with water daily? Also can you educate us on the importance of potassium in relation to sodium. I was diagnosed with high bp back in Sept. 2015. I take my prescription of Lisinopril 20 mg daily, and monitor my sodium intake. I don't add any salt to my food after it's prepared and often tastes like it needs salt.

  13. Thank you. This was so helpful. Continued success.

  14. hi doc.
    I stop using white sugar and add brown sugar to my diet. Do you think that that helps? Hunn! And in place of bread may I add crackers in my breackfast?
    you break my heart saying that no waffels! They have low calories… :O

  15. Fine Natural Hair and Faith

    You just broke my heart….mango pineapple ?

  16. What are some fruits/veggies for high fiber? Second protein it's hard to find a protein powder that does not alter the taste of my smoothies any recommendations?

  17. Eugenia Greene-Wureh

    Great info as usual, I did need to hear this again… lol. What types of sources do you use for protein in your smoothies. Lately I have been adding Spiralina, but I have to use more fruit to mask the taste…

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