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Weight loss juice recipe – Celery & Cucumber



  1. i made this n it actually taste way better than other slim juices..

  2. when do we have this juice..morning evening or night

  3. Can I substitute honey for Stevia. I'm a diabetic. Can I use coconut water instead of plain water. How often and when should one drink this juice. HOW much weight and what should a person eat.

  4. can I coriander leaves instead of celery

  5. Would it be better to do this in a juicer?

  6. whn is take…??plz tell me…

  7. when to drink this and how many days?

  8. "weight loss"

    adds honey and pineapple

  9. Malarvily Sinnayya


  10. Does this taste good?

  11. Josianebontemps Josiane

    je veux les comentaire sur la diabète en français

  12. Video makes me dizzy ! Was watching on my 55" tv and had to stop it !! Camera angle didn't help

  13. hey i just wanted to know if the pineapple and honey is optional

  14. to jest debilowskie

  15. gra8

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