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WEIGHT LOSS DINNER RECIPE | Lose healthy 1 kg in a week | Glowing Skin Recipe | Priyanka George |



  1. I actually couldn`t wait to try the diet plan “fizy unique plan” for myself once I had Googled it. I was so excited. My buddy shed 11 pounds after this diet, I really recommend you search Google to learn how.

  2. I'm 18 I want to lose weight I'm 70kg , I want to lose weight before I'm getting the age where losing weight get lose fat skin

  3. Hi priyanka i have to lose 20 kgs,, can you give me some tips please?!

  4. Rafikul Islam Do you love me.

    You are so really beautiful i like you

  5. protein bar and nuts asre ok
    .. but fruits in dinner ??? they have simple card .? could you scientifically explained how's they help in reduce fat/weight loss

  6. Where is B blood group diet??? couldn't find it in your videos

  7. I have put on so much weight in last year because of laziness and unhealthy eating habit. I want to reduce all that. I will give this a try. thanks for sharing.

  8. This looks good :O I may try it, although I'll change the kiwi for another fruit since I don't like it xD.

  9. We can eat watever at morning breakfast and lucnch? ?

    and only this fruits we need to eat at night

  10. RoseSharesWhatSheKnows 2016

    keep it up..bacha

  11. what is that protein bar and where can we find it?

  12. Wow babes yum yum dinner

  13. do a video on full day diet plan with your ayurvedic tips

  14. Alishba A.M Siddiqui


  15. I want to try this out. I usually take oats or dalia at night
    What other fruits could i add into this

  16. woww sooo easy and light dinner for weight loss thanks lovely for ur amazing video??

  17. amazing! sweety

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