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Top 14 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight And Recipes



  1. સરસ

  2. will this work have a really slow metabolism

  3. nice video :)

  4. Lee Angelo Villanueva

    thanks for giving tips how to lost wait im excited to do it tomorrow

  5. this is good for someone who want to lose their weight

  6. Oats what kind ? Or all same?

  7. i like it …………

  8. no entendi nada ???

  9. I've went from 87kg to 80.6kg in 2 weeks just by simply eating healthy and less amounts as well as lemon green tea and plenty of exercise.

  10. grapefruit ko hindi me kya bolte

  11. Niama Zouaki Kim Nana

    hello , my weight is about 53 kg and i want badly waste to reach 49 kg

  12. how about white rice

  13. ??????????

  14. Postcard Perfect Oregon Coast

    thank you

  15. i liked the informations keep going thank you

  16. they seem very basic. the only thing new I learned was grapefruit juice helps u lose weight. I'll try that

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