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The Unusual Breakfast I Swear by For Losing Weight | How I Lost 40 Lbs | Weight-loss Recipes



  1. this was a great video! but how did u actually lose 40lbs? like ..could u make a video on how you lost the weight in a certain amount of time, what u did, etc??

  2. gggggggggreat

  3. Please reply I have a prom dance and I want to lose weight : 10kg in 1 week and 3 days is this possible thank u

  4. did do do any exercise during losing weight?

  5. When you are eating the right food you shouldn't be restricting your calories

  6. Best served warm or cold?

  7. yummmmmm must try!! thank youuu ❤

  8. Haley InWonderland

    I'm in love with your channel; it's so inspiring and helpful.

  9. What is your exercise plan? (If that makes any sense)

  10. Hi, this looks great. Not sure about getting ahold of "ground vanilla." Is there another vanilla product that would work? Vanilla extract, or is that too strong for this? Thanks.

  11. how long it took u to lose 40 lbs?

  12. Just tried this with blueberries (no the coconut oil, don't have any) and it was delicious! I can see how people would want to add more sweetener but its good to start reducing processed sugar to lose weight.

  13. dont like it when people go crazy counting every calorie ,jeez

  14. its too much fat. why do you keep adding empty calories and recommending puting less fruit (vitamins and minerals).. its bullshit. we need vitamins and minerals much more than pure fat

  15. Is it possible to prep this meal?

  16. just found your channel, subscribed! I literally eat this everyday for breakfast too!

  17. Looks good, but coconut oil isn't that healthy actually. If a fat is solid at this temperature it's full of saturated fats. A healthy oil is fluent at a normal temperature. I get that coconut oil is seen as fancy and coconuts are delicous, but things like flaxseed oil or even sunflower oil are a lot healthier for you because they contain less saturated and more unsaturated fats (the ones your body needs).

  18. Looks good, but what's unusual about this? It's chocolate oatmeal.

  19. This is NOT a low calorie breakfast. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight unless you're very heavy. Also how can you say this is sugar free when there's sugar in a bunch of ingredients you added? Sugar-free does not mean "I didn't add sugar".

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