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  1. Galaxy Shopacoholic

    Thank you so much for giving me goals to achieve the same mother- kids relationship….god bless your loving family bond…u sre an inspiration. Between I also tried ur chicken Fajitas with my 14year old and he loved it. Keep the same loving vibes coming?

  2. Can we have this soup daily in replacement to a meal to lose weight?

  3. Momma Zaid is so like my ammi !! I love this channel

  4. Please will you share diet plan

  5. Hahahaha chor exit se nikl gaya?much funny joke?????

  6. Wao v easy and tasty recipe??

  7. I enjoyed alot while watching u Mama?
    Nd ur funny family

  8. Love u all

  9. Allah kare har bimari aapse door rahe hamesha pyari mama zaid. Loved this video!

  10. Khaas wali baat?

  11. I want to try this recipe so bad but.. I dont know what Monna Zaid is saying… Please do some recipes in English or subtitles…

  12. Pyari Mumma zaid ?

  13. I am breastfeeding my baby can I still use this soup? Please answer

  14. Where is the butter chicken video??? Can’t wait any longer for it

  15. Aap bht nice hyn or apki family bhi. ?

  16. plzz aap ka chef pan kis brand ka hai….peechay toaster per para hai.

  17. I like the way u interact with ur daughter & son?

  18. Where did you found that spoon red one please

  19. Zaid tm Kahan ghayeb ho gay ho video upload kyun nai Kar raha ho

  20. U r cute moma zaid ☺️

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