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The Best Juice Recipe for Fat Loss and Ultimate Health – Get 6 Pack Abs Faster



  1. thank you

  2. i tried to juice with beetroots once before and was sick for days, do you boil your beetroots prior to juicing them?

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  4. does it affects the nutritious if i add some water

  5. My love for fitness and nutrition has made me do all sorts of fun things with fruit and veg! spinach is number 1 for loosing weight and glowing skin!also what I have also found very important is that some people dont Deworm!Thats why they cant loose weight! Do some reading on deworming,very interesting I wont go into it atm,but what my family has discovered is that they feel better and pass stools with no effort at all! also one will tend to feel healthier and function much better. Juicing fruits and veg has put a new spin on nutrition try to have at least 2 large glasses a day for a month I guarantee you will loose weight and feel like a million bucks!From Cape Town South Afriac,Peace out!

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  7. Drinking this before or after training ?

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  10. Youtubeguy1986 Interesting

    Hey man I enjoyed your video. I'm 30 years old 5foot5 most likely 200 pounds. I'm having a difficult time. Can juice fast cost a lot. I only have a part time job. I have a juicer.

  11. Can kids drink this

  12. ThatArmy VeteranGuy

    I wish I would have known about juicing when I was younger. The health benefits are amazing. My wife & I have been juicing for about a month and a half & I have lost 25 lbs & she lost 20 lbs, and our energy is thru the roof. We have an 18 oz glass of juice for breakfast & lunch, and have a normal dinner. It gets expensive, but your health is worth it.

  13. Don't consult your doctor before detoxing because they don't know jack shit about diet or true health. They just want to give you drugs

  14. What blender did you used for this video?

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  16. thats propley good

  17. Is this suppose to taste really sour? I just put one whole lemon without the beets and it is tasting very sour.

  18. so after this raditz and kakarot (if u know what i mean) u can go super sayian? :O

  19. could I use a blender or is that not effective?

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