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The Best HEALTHY COOKIES (You Can Eat Even If You Want To Lose Weight)



  1. you can drink a shake separate that will work but I make lot of baked goods with protein powder they ussually turn very good with cookies I have made them with peanut butter eggs and vanilla protein they turned out pretty good one thing with cookies it's no to overcooke them

  2. Torture video stop over acting

  3. Thanks, It's tasty and healthy.

  4. Liked & Subscribed to Your Channel 🙂 (This is Your 1st Video I am watching and I love it !! I was looking for an oatmeal cookies recipe and I am sure You have so many Other Great Videos about Health & fitness as well. I am so happy I found this Channel. Yay !! :)) ) p.s I was trying to find a Healthy recipe (as the one I found here) but in so many Channels They use a lot of Butter and Sugar + Chocolate/ Dried fruits :/ – Not the Healthiest choice, You know.. That's why I love YOUR Recipe. Thanks for Sharing :* !!

  5. Trang Nguyen Thi Huyen

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I'm actually making it for my pregnancy breakfast. I also add some protein powder and I have to say its super healthy and delicious, and also super convenient

  6. 50 calories for a cookie or for all the cookies?

  7. Great and easy recepie! Thanks!! How much time does it last? How can we store it? Fridge or ambient?

  8. Try using a silicone baking sheet and cookies don't stick! Thanks!

  9. that looks really good have to try maybe throw some whey protein

  10. Gonna try them with maple syrup and cinnamon.

  11. Could you put the mixture in a small pan and make bars?

  12. gd info, but stop singing and goofing around, it ruins everything

  13. Paul Shakuri (Door To Door Mastery)

    You said Celsius first. Are you Canadian ??? :)

  14. your videos are amazing & I wish you put sub..
    in your videos .

  15. She's so hot I want some cookies

  16. Just tried them and they turned out delicious! I added the 2 ingredients and cinnamon powder (didn't have cacao powder and the rest) and everyone loved it! Thanks for this great, easy and healthy recipe!

  17. Is it enough like filling for a brekafast? My school starts in morning very early and l dont even have time to make a sandwich, lm searching for something to make that can stay 'fresh' for few days, and that l can just grab eat on go or in bus 🙂 ?

  18. Definitely going to try these with peanut butter!! ?

  19. Why don't you use parchment paper ?

  20. Do you know the nutritional values for 1 cookie? (Approx guess?)

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