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The Best Drink to Lose Weight Ever Discovered



  1. Pearls of The Pacific Lagoons

    by far the best healthy video -keep up the good work

  2. I have found that the more ingredients I put in my juice..the bigger chance I get of having heartburn. Celery always gave me heartburn..so now I just juice 2 bags of carrots and one bag of apples daily..and that's it. And these are the large bags you get at Sams Club. =)

  3. plz can you list the ingredients

  4. expensive

  5. Deserae Brown デトックス 代替ビーガン

    where could I get this juicer ?

  6. You ta

  7. Thank you so much for a very informative video. I'm a beginner, gonna get healthy!!!

  8. Juicing fruits and vegetables and an hour brisk walk everyday I lost 25 lbs in month and half, afterwards I put my kiddo brother on same routine who remained obese most of his life and he lost whooping 110 pounds in 4 months.

  9. I Love the L'equip! Great juicer!!!

  10. Hey John, I really enjoyed this video. I actually enjoy all your videos. Could you please tell me which is better, juicing or blending in a Vitamix. I always thought having the juice and fiber would be better. Is it better to do both? Thanks! 

  11. Great video John!

  12. I have found the fruit/vegie juice is the best ever health you can ever have .I hav lost since I have been doing it I have lost 40 kilos
    and proud of it

  13. Great video. I researched juicing machines before I bought one. I spent a little more and purchased a better unit. I bought the Omega 8006 masculating type. You have to cut your veggies and fruit into smaller pieces. The pulp is dry which indicates that you get all the goodness into your juice. 

  14. The Best way to lose Weight Ever Discovered is to ban mcdonalds and bruger king

  15. Too much carrot, or like colour vegs, can give one a orange hue to skin. Worked in a juice bar and had a frequent orange client! ha he was a little wacky & may have lived on the stuff. IDK

  16. I stopped juicing. I have the omega 8006 and I have been just lazy. I need to start back juicing, my skin was glowing and I was losing weight. 

  17. Why does nobody ever do fruit juicing?? I really would like to know more about different fruits we can use for those who want them along with veggies.

  18. I have a question for John or anyone who is familiar with what I'm talking about. I have begun to play around with juicing fruits and veggies and found that Kale juice burns my stomach terribly. No matter what else I may mix it with, the Kale still burns my stomach.

    Has anyone else had problems with Kale?

    I would like to consume it because it is so high in nutrition, but, the burning is so bad, I just can't at this point.

  19. Nutribullet is not a blender it is an extractor. I just got one and it is amazing!

  20. have you juiced garlic? i like about 4 or 5 cloves in mine

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