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Tasty Weight Loss Recipes That Don’t Suck – Chicken Meal Prep Under 400 Calories



  1. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

    Check out these Macros:
    359 calories per meal
    11.5 grams of fat per meal
    48 grams of protein per meal
    16.8 grams of carbs per meal
    2.5 grams of fiber per meal

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  2. Little Fitness Mama

    Bobby! This looks awesome and I'm gonna make it today. Do you have any dairy free recommendations for the sauce? Yogurt tears me up!

  3. I am a total beginner, may I know how the chicken is turned squashy in 3:12

  4. M Fernanda Figueroa

    Just made this with a few changes: got turkey meat instead of chicken, walnuts instead of pistachios and cranberries instead of raisins, but I guess that the result is pretty similar. Great "shawarma". Thank you!

  5. You are the best

  6. The squeaky rubbery sound of the kale when you were chopping it made me so uncomfortable! These recipes do look delicious, though.

  7. I didn't enjoy the chicken, but the salad was delishhhh

  8. Chicken Permission

    Lol gyro 😀 that was the cutest pronunciation there Bobby, you said it so well 🙂 Indeed it looks super sexy <3 Dessi is so lucky to taste all that sexiness ;p

  9. Made this today. Used buckwheat instead of quinoa (never developed a liking for that thing) in my kale salad–it was light and refreshing. The shawarma was unexpectedly good and satisfying; the yogurt sauce really made the chicken more juicy and brought the meal together. Thank you.

  10. Betty Murphy-Grumpus

    The zest man

  11. Country Hill Cottage

    "And for all my chrunchaholics out there…" – good food and jokes, your recipes are always such fun to watch! But seriously, the chicken shawarma looks beyond delicious!

  12. Bobby!  Great creative recipe, with FANTASTIC and interesting delivery.  Pay no mind to the trolls on the internet who seek to breed negativity 🙂  Haters gonna hate!  You are all that, AND DIM SUM 🙂

  13. I need to know where to find these shirts. WE ALL NEED TO KNOW.

  14. im subscribing coz im a leftie too ?

  15. Christopher Johnson

    You know ground turkey and dried cranberries might be good for this.

  16. Omg I love the recipe and all of the tips you give you guys are awesome

  17. This is really amazing !!! Thanks for sharing such a nice video. If you want to Weight Loss in Exeter visit at:http://bit.ly/2AqpuxM

  18. Thank you for this – I probably could eat a little healthier! haha

  19. SäRäH TïNäJëRö

    Your right about the same boring prep meals. I’m glad I found your channel I’m excited to go to Trader Joe’s every Sunday to cook and prep for the week. Thank you

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