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Super Green Smoothie for Weight Loss & Glowing Skin!



  1. Sorry if my question is not related but is Zorbyn XCG Protocol (google it) really effective when it comes to losing those extra pounds? Im thinking of buying it as there are already thousands of people who shed their excess fat with it. What do you think?

  2. Can I take this as a meal replacement (bfast/lunch/dinner) ?

  3. I did one similar like this but I am not sure if it loses weight . Can you tell me what are the benefits ?

    1 cup spinach
    1/2 green apple
    10 mint leaves
    2 Celery stalk
    1 tablespoon chia seed

    And I loved your smoothie btw , definitely gonna try one .

  4. can I add kale too?

  5. for how long and when are you suppose to drink it ? thanks ?

  6. Thank you something nice and simple

  7. Thank you for the recipe. I just bought a nutrabullet RX. I'm going to make this today. You have such a sweet personality. Have a lovely day.

  8. Hi. How's the taste? I'm a picky eater and I really don't eat vegetables (but I eat some). I only love fruits. Since I saw you put spinach, I hesitated. haha!

  9. This smoothie is really good I loved it

  10. I have noticed your blender really pulverizes the ingredients quite well, do you mind sharing what type it is?

  11. there is something that does not put ginger ???????help please

  12. very good taste,I just dranked one.Does this help with belly fat?

  13. great recipe, thank you

    p.s there are some really good blender out there i use nutri bullet and it is really good, once again thanks

  14. Hiiran

  15. i drank this for a year and it did not give me glowing skin. if you want glowing skin, i would suggest miso soup or getting more fish in your diet.

  16. Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I've heard some amazing things about it and my buddy lost lots of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan (just google search it).

  17. once in a week or daily?

  18. Had tried this smoothie today ? that was so nice in taste ? really loved it ?

  19. hello thanks for sharing.. can i drink this smoothie daily for weight loss?? if so please tell me how many times a  day can i drink it to lose good amount of weight. i also do daily regular cardio aerobics exercise daily for an hour.
    Thanks in advance :)

  20. Wow! You look great!

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