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Spinach Smoothie for Rapid Weight Loss Recipe



  1. It's hard not to stare at your stomach ?

  2. Megan I miss you………I hope school is going well and everything, basically have no doubts about that 🙂 But i can't help but mis the vids you posted xd Hope to see you soon!! All the best!!

  3. Megan you are just so wonderful :)

  4. Are you going studying to be an MD or DO? (It doesn't matter, I'm just new here).

  5. Will cutting off carbs help me lose weight fastest ? (My intake was around 250g a day and now i try cutting to around 60-80g a day) I am 16 years old and I'm wanting to cut because I have so much muscle hiding underneath the fat. I watch out for calories ( I take in around 2,200 a day) Please help.

  6. She's so cute

  7. call me Megan

  8. stop cutting now, your enough.

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