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Soya Tikki – Indian snacks recipes VEGETARIAN – Healthy for children ! – BeerBiceps veg recipes



  1. I appreciate how you clarify every small detail so that first timers don't make mistakes.

  2. Can you eat this in vegan Keto diet?

  3. Pooja Suresh Chavan

    definitely trying dis?

  4. gegiiii…..din't u miss Awwwwwyay? this time.

  5. i cant thank u enough …turning into vegan and eating bland stuff..u helped me a lot

  6. Your vegetarian high protein recipes are really awesome! Thankyou so much

  7. hey ranveer …
    you are doing a great job specially for indians :p
    i just want you to add nutrietional value at the end of the meal videos,
    it will really help us .
    ( just a suggestion)
    keep it up .

    thank you .

  8. how much soya is ideal to consume in a day

  9. what are the macro break down of it

  10. I don't eat eggs on tuesday,thursday & saturday. I tried soya chunks but i did not like the taste. I was looking for a soya recipie. After watching this i got one. Thanks & subscribed

  11. BTW you look more like James Rodriguez from real Madrid than alia bhatt…

  12. +Beerbiceps great content dude…keep it up…. BTW I wanted to know approximately how much soya makes 4 patties ? coz I wanted to have 50-100gms soya after workout .

  13. +BeerBiseps man u cm up wid really intrstin videos……bang on….keep it up….

  14. hey bro! I heard in some video that soya decreases the level of testo in men. Is that true?

  15. Ingredients ko Hindi mai vi bol diya karo..easy ho jata hai boys ka liya..??

  16. Thanks bro for this.

  17. You have the potential to be the Indian Michael Kory with your awesome recipe videos . Keep 'em coming.

  18. Yo man awesome awesome recipe. I really love Soya.
    Hey man 1 thing everyone needs is Full Day Of Eating video from you. It really helps us. So please please make a Full Day Of Eating video. Please mention the macros and calories. Thank you man.

  19. 11/10 would eat

  20. Bhai running Bhi karu kyaa belly fat ke liye. But mujhe body bhee banani hai bhai….

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