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Smoothie to Cleanse Stomach & Lose Weight!



  1. Can u taste the aloe vera in the drink?

  2. Your super beautiful and have a great personality!

  3. Stanthe Falcon (Srfalcon23)

    Hi Rawvana I just wanted to know if I could use this as a morning meal replacement

  4. could i blend with ice?

  5. lol she's the budget Kristina fully raw

  6. All I'm missing is the aloe

  7. Can the aloe juice be used instead of the gel? If so how much?

  8. Rawana how long are u suppose to drink the juice??? I had been drinking a similar smoothie with cucumbers instead of the ginger and limes…and it helped but was only able to make it for 5 days…would like to try your smoothie out!!

  9. Can i substitute aloevera to something else.

  10. Lime is acidic not alkaline though?

  11. How much aloe for those of us who use liquid aloe?

  12. Grillmeister Baconator

    Looks delicious! The smoothie, too ;)

  13. great new recipe for me to try!

  14. For how many days can I drink the smoothie?

  15. Can I drink it cold with ice? or would I have to drink it warm??…

  16. So that's all the Ginger you need a little piece like that ?

  17. Can I substitute the Alevera with something else?

  18. I just made it and it tastes so delicious!!! thanks rawanna!!!

  19. Hiya, I love the colour of the juice but unfortunately I can't find aloe where I live. What can I substitute with instead?

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