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Remington James | Crockpot & Slow Cooker Chicken & Rice Meal Prep



  1. i love how happy this guy is haha! legend!

  2. If you freeze the meals, how and how long would you cook them for?

  3. What kind of Ms. Dash seasonings did you use on chicken?

  4. so same meal 3x a day; no different bfast or lunch options?

  5. Good video bud

  6. do you eat dinner including the 3 meal's

  7. extremely helpful video. thanks for sharing

  8. Love the crockpot! I cook my chicken in either chicken broth or a jar of salsa! Now here's something i've always been conflicted on. What do you believe to be the clear cut macros on Rice and chicken respectfully? Some say for chicken 7g of protein per gram some say more or less. And I take it you weigh your protein cooked? I've been told to weight it raw but that seems like a task. Thanks and God bless!

  9. What kind of rice do you use? Ive always heard that rice is not that good for you? And how much is a good portion size after cooked?

  10. great vid man, I tried this but my chicken ended up being really dry after shredding it. I cooked it for 4 hours on high, does this happen to anyone else as well?

  11. Approximately how many cups of water do you put in the crock pot with the chicken ?

  12. I'd like to see more beef or ground Turkey.my trainer has me on 1200 cal diet and some of the meals repeat in a day since there's 6. I find myself eaither scatter brained making the veggies to the right protien or the protein to the veggie. this life style takes some getting use to the prep esp 6 diff meals in a day.

  13. Great video and both are great investments! How much do you try to weigh each meal out to?

  14. When can we see what a proper cheat meal looks like? haha

  15. Nice vid! Great info!

  16. Awesome video great content as usual! Rice cooker and crock pots are a must have haha

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