Probar Meal Bars – Almond Crunch – 3 oz – 12 ct


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Made essentially for the almond lover in you. Almond Crunch boasts the satisfying taste of sweet almonds mixed with creamy cashews. This bar is truly nutty. This ProBar provides fruits, nuts and seeds to make it delicious, satisfying and nutritious. It's rich in raw ingredients and the right nutrient-dense calories for lasting energy and nourishment. Enjoy this premade, no stress ProBar meal to ensure energy and nutrition in your already busy day. Take a pause. Grab a ProBar. Chew. Proceed. ProBar creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. We strive to become the leading provider of REAL FOOD choices, always maintaining our commitment to quality, sustainability and fantastic taste.


  • Certified organic, non-gmo, meal replacement bar.
  • 9g protein, 6g fiber, 370 calories for long lasting energy and nourishment.
  • Delicious sweet almond, creamy cashew blend to satisfy your craving.
  • Certified with no gluten because ProBar cares about your health and allergies.
  • 100 PERCENT natural ingredients, to maintain your essential energy with no harsh come down.


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