Kou Tea Slimming Tea : Detox Cleanse Weight Loss and Fat Burner Tea – 60 Tea Bags / 1 Month Supply


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You can find many weight loss teas in the market, however Kou Tea is a slimming tea with all of the properties of all the best detox tea for weight loss and fat burner tea, this uniquely blended herbal slimming tea.

It is a combination of Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea & White Tea that offers the best detox tea you can get out of a slimming tea

Kou Tea is made with only selected tea leaves. The distinctive flavors that come from this special blend with its unique combination of herbal slimming green tea which serves well for a detox cleanse tea. It is a great weight loss tea can find perfectly blended in a cup

Kou Tea ingredients give you the tea detox for weight loss you can find in an herbal slimming tea. It will also help you shed pounds fast! Kou Tea is made with only high-quality ingredients. These ingredients include:

Green Tea - Green Tea for Weight Loss Tea Benefits are widely known, increases fat burning & improves physical performance.

Oolong Tea - Just like Green tea oolong tea for weight loss is widely used. It is very effective as an aid in weight management. Its benefits include increased weight loss it lowers cholesterol, increases mental alertness, improves digestion, betters your skin condition & strengthens the immune system

Pu-erh Tea - A highly valued tea in Chinese herbalism for its vast benefits. Reduces cholesterol, detoxes, aids in digestion, aids in weight loss, reduces stress, helps sleep better & prevents illnesses

White Tea - White tea has high antioxidant qualities. It helps restore fluid balance, contains caffeine, antibacterial properties, accelerates metabolism, lowers sugar intake & detoxes harmful substances

There are many numerous detox tea products online but Kou Tea stands out! Out product is backed up by science & its enhanced weight loss cleanse properties


  • Kou Tea `s Slimming tea can be used for Tea Detox Cleanse; it Combines the most powerful & nutritious benefits of Weight Loss and Fat Burner Tea properties
  • The benefits are countless. More than just a weight loss tea its properties make it one of the best detox tea for weight loss, is a great addition for your weight loss journey due its blend of green tea for weight loss and oolong tea for weight loss in addition to pu-erh tea, white tea
  • Green tea for weight loss benefits are widely known. Increasing fat burning and including antioxidants on each of its herbal fat burner tea bags
  • Kou Tea herbal slimming tea is the best Detox Cleanse tea for weight loss it Includes Pu-erh, White, Green and Oolong tea for weight loss
  • Kou Tea is specifically designed to be the best weight loss cleanse and herbal slimming tea made of organic and natural blend of high quality herbs


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