HEY GIRL Cleanse – Detox Tea + Reduce Bloating

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Hey Girl,

Are you feeling bloated?

OMG...We need to fix that with CLEANSE.

Cleanse is a loose leaf tea blend created to help women around the world detox their bodies and help with their weight loss.

Think of Cleanse as a personal trainer helping you get to your weight loss goals. After you learn how to do all the exercises properly, you probably might not need the trainer as much. Maybe just an occasional session every so often for maintenance.

Let Cleanse help you get to your weight loss goals.

We really want to help you with your journey. Let's start immediately!

If you buy Cleanse and think it's not helping in any way, simply message us and let us know and we will give you a full refund. No drama, we promise!

So you have nothing to lose.



  • HEY GIRL, if this tea doesn't Cleanse your body, we will give your money back guaranteed!
  • DETOX and CLEANSE: Start your journey to naturally cleanse your system and boost your energy.
  • NIGHT TIME CLEANSE: A special night time formulation of loose leaf tea to help clear out your system and leave you feeling lighter the next day.
  • NATURAL HERBAL GOODNESS: As women, we really need to watch out what we consume. So for those who need a little help to get through the day we made sure we used completely all natural ingredients like Senna and
  • THE HEY GIRL PROMISE: If things don't start moving a lot more smoother down there than we will give your money back! No questions asked.


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