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Peanut Butter Cookies: Keto Friendly



  1. Omg! Laughing so hard! My dad and I are doing this Keto, and I always tell him the same thing…no snacks lol

  2. I rather have no cookies then 1 coockie

  3. 97g of carbs????? And this is keto friendly????? My Goodness…

  4. I love chipoltes can i keep eating here. Or is it bad for you

  5. Dr. Berg can you eat rice if so what kind to get from my local wal mart

  6. Dr. Berg can you eat rice if so what kind to get from my local wal mart

  7. I made these and forgot the sweetener. Not advised to forget the sweetener

  8. it won't hold together I used stevia instead of just like sugar what went wrong ?

  9. Love Life Live Life

    Love the background music.:)

  10. I love your recopies!! For this one, can you suggest any other sweetener?

  11. Please make some xmasy baking. Jingle bell jingle bell”

  12. Dear Dr Berg another excellent recipe,it turned out delicious. Highly recommend it.My.little daughter(8) loves it too. She had beef burger spinach soup and cookies for breakfast. She made it herself had fun and enjoyed it after:) Thank you Karen and Eric

  13. Thank you.Cant wait to try them. Good job, well done.

  14. Amazing recipes!!!! 🙂

  15. Fortunately, I have never had a sweet tooth. However, I would love to see more savory recipes. I miss my pasta. ?
    Love your recipe videos. ??

  16. Nice you should do more Keto cooking videos for desserts..keto style.

  17. rhinoskin extraboss

    1 cup of just like sugar??? Is that the name?

  18. I tried making these using xylitol earlier today. It doesn't hold together after being cooked as well as sugar does and they crumbled almost instantly after I took them off the pan, but they still taste great even in that form. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  19. Alternative of egg please ….. i m a jain

  20. I have watched HUNDREDS of Keto videos and there is nothing better than this format and length. And the cute, peppy, hoaky music you picked was perfect. Thank you!!!!!

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