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Oats Recipe for Weight Loss – Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe | Porridge



  1. Hello can you give me a list of all those thinks to go buy because i dont know good english ..

  2. These oats taste amazing. Wow I am super impressed. Very filling. Thank you very much for sharing and caring. A+

  3. Sangeeta bhambhani

    mam you are superb but tell me which type of oats you are using

  4. i'm trying to follow your 10 kilos in 10 days diet, about the oatmeal i personally enjoy mine with peanut butter and honey, is that ok?

  5. I'm going to start it from today I'm 55,2 kg ,i liked it it's simple and easy to prepare, even though I'm scared of gaining weight instead losing it cause all people are telling me 6 eggs will make you fat but I'm gonna try it and I'll see

  6. hi vicky i have already subscribed ur channel . so my question is can i use quaker oats..?plzz do reply

  7. what was that in black color?????

  8. whats seniman powder ???

  9. the milk added in the oats curdled and went bad due to the prunes… i even tried adding the prunes after cooking the oatmeal and again it curdled. the whole thing went to waste. Did anyone else face this problem? what is going wrong? is it due to the sourness of the prunes? vicky how didnt it curdle for you?

  10. what is oats is it joo ka daliya ? plz reply

  11. Hi Vicky
    is this the oats recipe for 900cal diet plan … can this be had at night

  12. Can I add beans sprouts and carrots with pepper to make it spicy oat meal ?

  13. Pretty please list the ingredients so I'll know where to get it.

  14. How much milk do I add for one person's meal?

  15. pls do reply
    can we use spicy oats recipe in your 10days eggs plan ? like onion spice and green chillies in water???

  16. hai sis i dnt hv flax seeds or chia seed in my country. its hard to find. can u pls tel me eny substive for that ?

  17. hello mam kia mai isme coconut suger mila sakte h?

  18. sister plzz btaen 2 egg bs morning mai kha skte hen

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