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Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water Recipe



  1. Really informational. Where do you get the infused bottles from?

  2. do I hv to eat the ingredients also which we hv put in?

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  4. Can I use peppermint tea

  5. I clicked on this video to find detox water and see her and I'm like " omg she was on just kidding news " ….. I think ??????

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  9. I'm sure I can do this without the oranges right?

  10. i don't wanna be mean but this is soo weird you didn't do anything , just alot of talking and you are way so excited

  11. Whats the difference between lime and lemon?

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  14. substitute of orange

  15. Would this work with kids? Please answer

  16. if I don't have mint leaves its that OK ??

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  18. Can you use any kind of fruit in the detox water??

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  20. Are you single thank you I've lost 15 pounds

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