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My Weight Loss Story & Cooking 5 Low Carb Recipes | Elizabeth Keene



  1. Everything looks so, good!!! I just start it my lowcarb lifestyle because of my insulin resistance issue! Thank you much?

  2. Egg yolks hold the most nutrition in a low carb diet!! Please, use the yolks. 🙂 And, be careful of bag cheese..most have extra non nutritious things in them. Shred good whole milk grass fed cheeses…and put in bag in fridge! Love your recipes!

  3. I'm worried about the taco seasoning, because in most they add sugar causing it to have more carbs. It might be better to make it yourself or use one where you only need to use one tablespoon or something like that. Though I'm definitely going to make the quiche, it looked so delicious!

  4. lol 65 pound….nd dont tell any1

  5. Great recipes but the music is very distracting and way too loud.

  6. Any other recipes coming up

  7. Made the quiche today and it was pretty darn good! I did sub lunchmeat for the bacon and just cooked everything in my cast iron pan which I then put in the oven. I started checking it after 20 mins but had to bake for more than 30 (I guess about 35). Maybe because of the size of my pan? I do want to try it again with bacon!

  8. I'm a new subscriber thanks for the video love it.

  9. Great video thanks alot ❤

  10. One little tip on that bacon– when you take it out of the package, it's stacked nice and neat– perfect to use those scissors to snip right across all the slices, before they ever hit the pan. MUCH easier to stir and fry all the pieces evenly!

  11. Recipes are nice but your music is annoyingly loud. Video would be so much better without the music

  12. Nice video

  13. You look divine, my first week 6 pounds loss ?

  14. Elisabeth Salvatici

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  15. On a low carb diet, the yoke is extremely healthy and artery friendly. These look great

  16. Hi I am knew to your channel but LOVE this video!! You're recipes look amazing and like food my four children will also be able to eat (a huge help). You are so funny and sweet, I hope you make more videos. Also, if you don't mind me asking; what do you use on your hair? It's amazing – like the prettiest hair, ever!!!

  17. New Mind New Body Talk

    Congratulations! I've lost a bit over sixty pounds on low carb and kept it off for years now. Your story is really inspiring. Thanks for both sharing it and the recipes.

  18. I love this video! I did low carb a while ago and lost 15 pounds in 10 days. I'm trying to get back into it and I'm def gonna use these recipes. Thank you (:

  19. This was great, thank you

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