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My Weekly Clean Eating Meal Prep For Weight Loss | Nicole Collet



  1. you are so wunderful people!!!

  2. also i would love to see videos of you guy's work outs :)

  3. i just subscribed to your channel. my husband and i have started meal prepping this week. your videos are very helpful thank you!

  4. Thank you, very helpful to me

  5. awesome

  6. Thanks Y'ALL I need to loose 40LBs

  7. thanks for the video. do you half cook the protein so that when it is time to prepare and eat, when warming up the food, you cook it thoroughly to serve?

  8. that's just one meal a day? what else to eat threw each day besides that.

  9. Jazmin Sanchez (_jazzyboo26)

    How do you guys eat the food when you guys put it in the freezer?

  10. I'm sorry if someone asked you this already but your fish keeps fresh all week? I eat salmon but after the 2nd day I throw it out because I heard
    you can get sick. Does the fish you eat really keep all week long. If so I have to try this!

  11. You and your husband both lost 120 pounds? Wow!!!! Amazing!!!!

  12. Oh questions where did you find out how much food to weight I.e your fish

  13. This was really helpful I just started meal prepping now I see the right portions to use

  14. Aw puppy

  15. Thanks a lot for your video this is so inspiring to me !

  16. Hi Nicole. I was just wondering what amount of sweet potato you would recommend per meal. I've noticed in the video that some meal containers have the mixed veg you measured out for us, and some have sweet potato and another green – so I'm just wondering how much sweet potato you would recommend for a woman per meal. Thanks in advance!

  17. Wow. I really need to start weighing my protein. No way I'm eating enough. Great vid

  18. ❤❤❤

  19. best video ever.

  20. boiled egg will last for how many days?

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