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My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothies + Boyfriend Taste Test | thatgirlshaexo



  1. but she's still fat

  2. That laugh at 5:41 tho LMAO (not hating)

  3. what mic did you use for the voice over

  4. So pretty!

  5. did someone lose weight with this?

  6. i love this smoothie it totally doesn't taste like greens at all.

  7. hears leafy 🙂 :> fangirls

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  9. Your boyfriend is ugly

  10. 5:41 was the most forced out laugh and cringeworthy thing ive seen

  11. is fat free milk just a good a substitute?

  12. Can u make the third one without the chocolate ?

  13. I dropped excess weight with total health insurance the most effective rapidly. The dietary plan I'm following was my better half who think it is personally. I lost 21 pounds. This diet will be here https://t.co/1eUeNcfk9b

  14. What should I replace with spinach?? ?

  15. Everyday with Luchana.

    dose these work. if so when did you start seeing weight loss results?

  16. Omg your NAILS!!!????

  17. what would be the proportion for a single serving? like for a nutribullet?

  18. inventor and drawer

    in using for night

  19. IDK Why But I Have A Special Paper Shredder that i don't even use it for paper.

    I Use It For Veggies…..I'm So Lazy

  20. Thx ThatGirlShaeXo I will tell my mom about the delicious smoothie !!!:D

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