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Mindset for Weight Loss | Cookie’s Corner Ep. 2 + Vlog of me BEFORE Weight Loss!



  1. This IS SO INCREDIBLY helpful! This is exactly where I am. I lost about 60 lbs 10 years ago and I have gained it all back. It is because of what you mentioned. I don't think I realized what I had been doing…. until I saw your video. Thank you. This is God's way of reminding me that He's faithful and He is not a respecter of persons…. but I need to do my part…. it's not magic. If it came east everyone would do it.
    However if I'm faithful with little, I'll be faithful with a lot more. I realized I had not been Faithful in my commitment to working out and eating well. Baby steps ??

  2. I would love to see more before videos. I am about to start my journey and though I don't know you you are truly great support.

  3. This is so me right now. You are such a motivation!!

  4. Your so hot cookie!

  5. Thanx Cookie. I'm at the point where you were in the p90X video. Or should I say I WAS. my 38th birthday is coming up and I want to have lost a certain amount but in the beginning I was more depressed than motivated. The inability to complete a workout would leave me feeling like such a failure that I would just eat and end up destroying the little workout that I did do. Your before and after vids show that RAW & HARSH reality of unnoticed weight gain. Your tone of voice, nonchalant attitude, discolored skin all that has changed. Your confidence had caused you to project more when you talk, your attitude now is more determined and exciting and the discoloration, which most overweight people don't realize is a real health condition, have all drastically changed. We need to understand that it's TOTALLY a mind thing and we HAVE to motivate ourselves because unless we're looking to places like YouTube and others weight-loss testimonies, no one else is going to motivate us. People accept being big and make up terms like 'thick' and 'BBW' because they're either in denial, are too lazy to change, or have it in their minds that they CAN'T change so they just accept what is. Having to bury a 40 year old black successful female friend who died of a heart attack, never was able to enjoy motherhood or a full life for that matter because she wouldn't lose weight was enough of a wake up call for me. Please continue to share. My phone sends alerts when you have a new video to come up and I watch them religiously. #MyMotivator

  6. Project Live Beautifully

    Am dealing with this now

  7. Thank you. Just what I needed.

  8. thanks for sharing!! mindset is everything!!

  9. I absolutely admire and love your videos. I'm 26 now but when I was 13-15 years old I was 210 pounds. I lost the wieght by eating one meal a day and walking 90 mins per day on an incline..Now I'm just stuck at 160 pounds, I mean I'm active I can jog for 45 mins non stop and I drink lots of water but still I'm 25 pounds over wieght. . I just can't seem to get it off. But this video definitely helped because your absolutely right it is a everyday thing… I just have to keep it up.

  10. Courtney McFarland

    Do you have any tips for staying on track over the weekend or during social gatherings? Lately I'm finding I can lose a couple of pounds during the week but then I gain it back on the weekend ? so I'm basically working really hard to maintain ? I guess I could just not have the wine or not have the cookie… it's just hard when I see others indulging ESPECIALLY people who look thin & fit! Do you ever struggle with this?

  11. watching u before and now its like 2 different person. wow!!


  13. Hi that video was so helpful and we do get that way sometimes, and that's ok but like you said you must be serious. BTW can you do an low impact workout, Thanks.

  14. please do a hair review!!! your hair is too cute!

  15. This reminds me of the time I tried T25 and completely failed and then said I would make up days then never make them up and just quit. My fitness pal, sports, walking, and the treadmill have helped me so much. And of coarse watching motivational videos from channels like yours (:

  16. Stephen Williamson

    This spoke volumes to my situation. Awesome video.

  17. you make my dick hard. can you flex your biceps for me private

  18. Omg … Exactly what I needed to hear. That is so true that is the mindset I have had and I have always failed. I found myself saying that I'll stop eating sweets after this snicker or after this ice cream day after day and saying I'm going to workout but going to sleep and saying well I'll do it tomorrow … Wow thank you so much , you are such an inspiration and this has hit home with me. I am starting to see this as a lifestyle. If I don't start now It'll only get worse. ??? You are truly awesome.

  19. Your soouu right ! =)

  20. Needed this video. Thank you for this!

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