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Magic Diet Soup – Lose Weight Fast – Low Gi.



  1. Can you please also write the recipe ingredients?

  2. very nice video

  3. this is really awe some video while i am watching your cooking process i feel so hungry look so yummy i think yes it is, i like your product its all about vegetables, thanks for sharing your good intention for us will be on diet??

  4. doesent look like celery to me. it looks like mushroom stems

  5. I tweaked this just a little bit, and made it today, it was delicioussssss…. tried a lot of other cabbage soups, this is very tasty, and doesn't feel like a diet soup!

  6. you forgot the garlic on recipe on website but was good!

  7. waooo.yummy thanks

  8. attractive too

  9. My question is, is there a reason why you don't just blend those vegetables first before you set it to boil?

  10. Consulate?  Is that correct?

  11. I hope this doesn't mess up the soup. A whole head of cabbage. My fresh tomatoes took a hard turn south and I ended to using. 2 cans of diced tomatoes and one can of crushed tomatoes. I added fresh green beans . A half carton of sliced mushrooms and 1/2 of a fresh green chili and cilantro And celery because I didn't have celery root. I messed around with seasonings a bit. It is so gooooood! But is what I did ok for weight loss or should I remake it? I kind of merged 2 of your soups a bit.

  12. We're starting this tomorrow. I'm hoping for great results. ?

  13. hi, I made this soup today and it's really delicious?

  14. hey, great recipe, that waist doesnt look like 31 though.

  15. I love your videos?You are so sweet?

  16. cookingaround,,,tanx for responding!:-):-):-)

  17. thank u so much cookingaround for sharing ur incredible diet soup,,,,,it's so much-needed for me to lossing my weight too….God bless!!!! and yet,,,its just okie if im adding chili flavor on ur diet recipe soup magic???please reply!!!tanx a lot

  18. TUDO um pouco TUDO Daniel Silva

    Que delicia se escreve no meu canal.

  19. Needs celery and bone broth.

  20. Thank you for sharing this soup recipe. I'm working on shedding some weight and hope this works for me as well. While I found almost all ingredients but no luck with vegetable stock. Which stores in US sell vegetable stock cubes?

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