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Lose Weight with Smoothies?



  1. I was dreading dieting because everyone seems miserable when they go on one, but I was laying in bed one night and thought SMOOTHIES I love smoothies and if I only ate smoothies it’s healthy and you get food and you don’t have to stress about time because it’s super easy 11/10

  2. lukas Van Der Westhuizen

    David has more makeup on than my mother, holy shakes…

  3. I really wish I had uncover the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) years ago. For 3 weeks of following the plans, I dropped TWELVE lbs There is certainly still need of physical exercises even only a couple of times a week and the meals to consume must be ideal. It showed astounding outcomes for me. Without a doubt, this plan is recommended and I also do wish this would work to you too as it did to me. .

  4. “Belly” lol that’s so cute

  5. Mike Ciaccio - Artist

    Make Tumerica great again!

  6. Mike Ciaccio - Artist

    You’re confusing fiber with roughage. Fiber is liquid.

  7. Dave is a Fake.This is no miracle.Water has been around when the Creator.Dave is a Creator in his own mind.Sugar

  8. Lost 10 pounds in a month.

  9. The Life Of JT !!

    $20 off the smoothie diet.


  10. The Life Of JT !!

    who wants a $20 off smoothie diet coupon

  11. First name Last name

    It’s a healthy way but it’s also expensive.

  12. I lost18 pounds

  13. Bullshit

  14. I've been researching weight loss naturally and found an awesome website at Slim Tactic Formula (google it if you are interested)

  15. Turmeric is good on potatoes

  16. Thumbnail alert…thought David Hasselhof was giving smoothie advice ??

  17. David Hasselhoff looks good these days

  18. Anyone know what went in to all 3 of the smoothies shown in this video i wish to try them

  19. SunShine Griffin

    I've been working out of town for 3days now and I'm going through smoothie withdrawals.?????

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