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Lose Weight Fast with DETOX Water Recipes for WEIGHT LOSS Detox Cleansing tea drink lemon & ginger



  1. I'm a tab bit confused…. yes our body was designed to detox, regenerate etc etc itself however we have to give it what it needs… the detox water n juices all consist of natural ingredients so whats the hoax?. marketing it as some get slim tomorrow is the hoax, or drink this n eat whatever you want, then theres the "no working out required" is the hoax not drinking organic fruit infused water, or organic fruit juices that are NOT packed with artificial sugars, preserves n colors. to say "live a healthy lifestyle in order to detox" then saying these drinks wont help you detox is contradictory… maybe im not understanding the message…. if fruit n veggies are part of living healthy n healthy living is essential to a natural detox then why not?…

    I personally snatched up a detox juice & water recipe tried it n what the juice made me do was pee all the time, gave me so much energy I had to go for a walk because sitting still was not an option. while out for a walk I started sweating.
    I dont like the taste of water unless its a super hot day n my body is giving obvious signs its dehydrated. what the detox water does is make the water taste delicious thus I drink a crap ton of it now… I think its obvious to everyone that we detox everday however some people dont have regular bowel movements, dont have the energry to get up, get n sweat, some people arent urinating as frequent as they should…

  2. Changed my POV(point of view) i was going to start a detox diet for a week to cleanse my body but thanks for the video it really changed my mind..a big THANK YOU…!!!!!

  3. bro, you Rock..!! loved the info, i have tried the third recipe long back and have no good gains…. healthy life is the best way to do..!! Thank you for the video 🙂 :)

  4. Sandani Kannangara

    I was 77kg 4 months ago, I followed your exercise routines.But I took one glass of "Fat Burning Detox"(cucumber drink) everyday before bed. Is it OK to continue? I always watch your videos and follow your instructions, Now I'm 66kg. Thank you so much for guidance.

  5. yep! God made no mistakes with our body and its functions….. we just need to learn how to work our body limbs to its fullest and how to eat healthy and respect our bodies to the extent that we treat it as it is made for . We have legs for a reason, we have arms etc. for usage and everything is to be used, not to just sit all day. For everything, there is a purpose. Some people just dont use it. Knowledge is power these days, due to the world having technical ways to do things for us instead of us walking alot, we drive cars alot…our body is an amazing complex vehicle for us and is available to keep us healthy and complete as long as we bypass advance availability and do manual workouts regular and relax and eat healthy daily to reap what is naturally with us anyway. Some people dont even know what they really look like cause they dont exercise and eat healthy. Even people with no legs , run marathons in a wheel chair…..but some are really sick , they are not at access for this , but if healthy at some physical point, they can find a way. keep going as long as we can…..dont stop…..

  6. this is one of the best fitness advice channels around. Always on point and referring to evidence. Great eye opening video

  7. yor videos are seriously the best! Thanks man!

  8. Take it detox peeps. Just sweat and iron in the gym will make you. Man up and lift.

  9. Victoria Flores Ripoll

    you're great. I love your videos!

  10. conrad jr. de guzman

    "Shit!" Lol ? nice man ???

  11. super funny and informative ??? thanks for always including the science!!!

  12. Great video
    بارك الله فيك
    that what we say in Middle East
    means god bless you

  13. can we do swimming after doing gym??

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