1. Will it work without excercise???

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  4. Usk sath Exercise v Krna h Kya? and diet too

  5. Did this work for u ?? Did u lose weight ?

  6. so I want to do a 6 day water fast. can I use the fruit for two days? or should I renew the fruit everyday?

  7. awesome clip. Great work. learnt a lot from this video.

  8. These detox drinks are great but i went for a quicker option to lose fats because i needed to get ready for a special event really quick. Therefore i used Blue Fat Freeze Kit and reduced 2 inches around my waist in 2 months. It's a high end UBL backed neoprene wrap that you put over the fatty part of the body which freezes the fat under the skin with the help of dual action gel packs.

  9. should we make this drink every day or just fill water in the bottle ??? plz reply

  10. How many days do you drink this & how often? Thx!?

  11. Are there any side effects of drinking this water?
    For how many days we should consume it?
    In some videos or blogs duration is not mentioned. In some it is mentioned to take it for 3 days and then take break and repeat after 15 days. In some it is mentioned to take for 4-6 weeks. it is quite confusing.
    Please provide the details for any side effects, quantity that to be consumed per day and duration to follow this. If break is needed so how many days break is sufficient to start it again.

  12. how long you using this for

  13. ise pina kase h

  14. Jescah Santos Alamansa

    what can I use If I don't have mint leaves ?

  15. how many day I have to eat it …plz reply

  16. is it having any side effects and mint leaves are not there only cumcumber & lemon is there will it work plz tell….

  17. cant just uae a pitcher? lol HOOD!

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  19. Caitlin Humphreys

    You've probably been bombarded about how magic their products are to help you achieve the body you always dream of. Believe me when I say, the results will not last. The unwanted fat is going to come back to you, much worse.

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