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Learn How To Make Smoothies For Weight Loss At Home!



  1. Not the YouTube experience I was expecting. Sounds like an Ad

  2. ???

  3. do u use it as i replacement meal or do u have it with ya meal

  4. sounds cool! will try this!
    thanks for sharing!
    subscribed! ?

  5. Selena Hatler-Sancha

    cool beanz. buy a vitamix it is worth it

  6. tomatoes are a fruit

  7. this is awesome thank you so much

  8. thankyou so much .

  9. Wanna know how to lose fat. Get really sick and eat just one, ONE biscuit in a day. And like that for about 7 days. Happened to me lost my appetite couldn't eat and boom lost 7kg

  10. I like my Brevielle hand blender. 27£ only

  11. My Detox weight loss smoothie
    * spinach handful washed
    * coriander handful washed
    * kale handful washed
    * 4 inches of ginger root peeled and wash
    *romaine lettuce 3 -2 leaves shredded by hand and washed
    *granny apples washed take out stem and seeds
    * 3 whole lemons fresh juice
    * 2 1/2 lime juice fresh
    1 cup of ice cubes

    Enjoy it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)

  12. the smoothies are good but can   I  use unsweetened dark mix daily cocoa extract supplement and I use almond milk


  14. kasi kailangan ng disiplina sa pag kain…aarte nyo.. cant take it.. di ka nmn pinipilit.. di wag wala ka na pag asa siguro..hard case ka na..hahaha

  15. It would be better if you replaced the regular chocolate chips with dark chocolate chips

  16. Tomatoes are fruits

  17. Infomercials never stop injecting in your head about how powerful their products are to help you melt away stubborn fat. Believe me when I tell you, the results do not last. The excess fat is going to come back to your middle, far worse.

  18. Hilda Hernandez Hernandez

    en español por favor me gusta

  19. Hilda Hernandez Hernandez

    Enespañol para velo me gusta

  20. Dont add sugar to mango surprise

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