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Juicing to Detox | My Weight Loss Journey



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  3. @ebonycprincess i just wanna flatter stomachh this would be a great choice ?

  4. Dear Ebony Princess
    There has been.jounal documented medical proof
    You have to understand how the pharmaceutical companies fund medical schools donate to medical libraries as well as there lobbyists is congres. Please read and order the video the China study. There is a 6 hour medical documentary which aired on PBS, it is a ten year study.
    Please order the books pertaining to the Gerson, method. You can order the film's on amazon. You will get a plethora of medical studies and evidence and films like chewaside, for example or the film.fat sick by Joe Cross or the sequal. These videos particularly have medical doctors in them. There are many studies for example the sun diet book , please do not say that there are no proven medical studies, there are. You have to understand the medical industry and this country and how they do not want . people to get off all of these medications. Now the Gerson method have cured all dieases except 5, there is also.tgevwork.of Dr. SEBI and Dr. Shultz. I personally no . people these doctors cured and there is a documented new York circuit court case where Dr. SEBI proved he cured leukemia and a circuit court judge testified and presented medical.proof his daughter was healed by Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi.was sued by the gangster FDA. If you need more documentation or evidence please let me know.

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  6. from EbonyCPrincess6 months ago
    Two liquid meals (juices) and one CLEAN solid meal. I gave details and examples on my blog, check out this link – http://wp.me/p2JrX5-1Ky

  7. You need to read the medical study called tge china study as well as the Garson therapy which has been well.proved. and documented since 1920

  8. i tried juicing pineapples for the first time and didn't really like how it came out–i juiced it with cucumber and kale.  my favorite juice remains romaine, spinach, cucumber, and apple.  cucumber juice is seriously the best!

  9. I know that it's not very manly, but I think I should start juicing…

  10. Girl this is a great video and I like the different combies you shared. I will try them. Am into smoothie myself for a while now but juicing I find time consuming but will give it ago again. 

  11. You look amazing!

  12. Can you do a more detailed video of different juices and how much you drink throughout the day and be for and afters?

  13. Hi ebony. I wanted to know how long you detox & how much you loss ?

  14. Eb, this is WONDERFUL! I'm so proud of you and your journey. It's so inspirational.

  15. You are looking amazing!!! I love juicing, but honestly I need to incorporate more veggies in my juice. Thanks for sharing!!! 

  16. I have the Ninja Master prep to make smoothies but I do have a juicer. have had for years. might have to start using for different fruits and vegs as I hate pips and its takes a long time to sift the pips out x

  17. Great tips tfs

  18. When you do the juice detox do you eat any normal meals or do you juice all day long?

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