1. Derese Perkins-Lucien

    When I fall off, I love watching you to get on track. My version of falling off is, candy, and chips, and greasy fries. And boy am I feeling it. Thank you Dan, always.

  2. You are truly one of the best !! every single time u inspire and revive my thoughts ! The Creator is truly working through you X Thank you

  3. I can't believe I missed the amazing sale…. ugh!!! ?

  4. Dan, what you are saying is absolutely the truth! I am a living experiment to these truths. Last year I juice fasted for 54 days. I lost 30 pounds and I had more energy and spiritually felt like I did when I was much younger. I didn't eat meat for 8 months. God was so good. Then, I began slowly to allow bread and meat back into my diet. What a mistake! It didn't take long before I was unwell. Now I am back in the same predicament again. If you stay on raw food you will be alive–not only in your body but especially in your MIND. God bless you.

  5. Love all the citrus fruits.

  6. YOU ROCK!!! I love you Dan!! Thank you

  7. Anthony DiMichele

    Greetings and Thanks for inspiration! I and my best friend are juicing and watching your vids online. I went Vegetarian in college decades ago. Five yrs ago I became vegan. 2 months ago I started only raw food. I used juice and desire to quit tobacco! (amen) and just bought the enzymes / protein and cleanser. I also bought the rebounder and find my attitude has become so positive I hardly know myself! Again, Thank you Dan. You're the man!

  8. Everything he said is 100% true.
    and natural food is 100% thee best thing you can put into your body period. You don't really need meat at all.
    Chicken maybe here and now, mostly fish and always fruits, veggies & waters & yes I'm sure Jesus was full of veggies and fish ?

  9. How about some fish?

  10. where did you get that juicer??

  11. Awesome video!

  12. Refreshing to see someone so passionate about something other than money, sex, fame or beauty it is like we are all blinded by the superficial crap and basically brain dead zombies. The comment about taking on the character of an animal just wanting to eat and sleep is a very scary reality. Dan you really are enlightening keep the passion alive!

  13. amen brother

  14. Prune juice cures half of the problems with heavy foods that Dan is talking about.  Have a nice day.

  15. There's a lot of dr Wilcox results on google, anyone know what to specifically search for?

  16. I really want to try that OJ fast. But it contradicts his other advice of green juice fasting for detox and weight loss. And of course the sugar thing I'm questioning if it will flush out the parasites in my gut…. and everyone is diff so how do I know if it would be a good idea to do it or not?

  17. I've started eating cara cara oranges from Mariano's; they're so good. They are pinkish in the middle like a grapefruit, but aren't sour or bitter.

  18. I have been so blessed to learn the truth about the american lifestyle at a young age (13) trying to get my family raw and vegan!!


  20. regarding ketosis and the benefits do you get that through your fasting?

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