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Instant Dosa Recipe For Weight Loss – Oil Free & Healthy – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast



  1. Tried this dosa. Liked it very much !

  2. Mam can we use brown rice

  3. Liked the taste very much can I eat it for dinner

  4. I liked your most of the videos..very beneficial you doing good but i noticed most of the videos are for weight loss but can you please guide me for weight gain please?

  5. Motta rice is same dat u shwd in d video or difrnt

  6. What is poha ?

  7. Hi. Thank you for this exciting dosa recipe. Can I use desiccated coconut instead of the fresh one?

  8. hello Nisha ji. in this dosa rice to be soaked fr 30 to 40 min or overnight. There is some confusion as u once u told to soak overnight and other place 30 to 40 min

  9. Namaste chechi, thank you for replying.chechi, today noon i tried this dosa, and came out very well.i seasoned with coconut oil as i ddnt had sesame oil.the dosa ws very tasty. just yesterday i came accross your channel and it is THE one which is unique in itself.all receipes are with medicinal value.i tried your haldi-cinamon tea,moringa juice also.moringa juice cleanse the stomach ,and vamana also. i am in love with your chanel as i love my mother nature.(prakriti)

  10. Namaste ,didi.whenever i make dosa, it sticks to the tawaa , whether iron,cast iron or of clay.tried to season it with oil and keeping covered for 2/3 days before use.still no efffect.can you suggest any tip?

  11. Parameswary Thangavelu

    Hi can I make this for people with cholesterol? Since it has coconut I am not sure.

  12. plz tell me

  13. during diet which kind of rice we can eat boiled pulao tarka rice

  14. mam i want weekly 5kg weigjt loss drink or food videos updlod mam.

  15. mam yu r simply superb..?

  16. super yummm n filling dosas

  17. can we use dabur brown basmati rice

  18. is it ok if we dont add jaggery?

  19. how many dosas does this recipe make?

  20. ma'am why do u need to use cucumber ??? plz let me know the reason …

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