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How to Meal Prep – Ep. 62 – CROCK POT POT ROAST ($3.50/Meal)



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  2. Would this work in an Instant Pot? If so what settings?

  3. Thank you so much for your videos!!

  4. Hey FCC's! Would it be a good idea to replace the potatos with Quinoa? Or would it get overcooked during the slow cooking process? Im thinking all that seasoned juice would get soaked into the quinoa and make it really really good.

  5. Can we have some snack recipes please !! 🙂

  6. Thanks for this recipe, I've been wanting to make pot roast and this looks delicious and easy.

    Any chance guy would be willing to create some instant pot recipes? I trying to make more Thai curry dishes

  7. Hey Guys, Cant wait for my book to arrive to OZ 🙂

    Can this meal be cooked in a casserole dish in the oven, if so how long for and what degree on (australian) ??


  8. Looks soo good. Yes please make more crock pot recipes ?

  9. Definitely looking forward to making this recipe. Love the tyme and rosemary, my go to as well. I also like to add some worchestershire sauce.

  10. Damn this one was tasty. Little bit more (worked out to be about 5 bucks a serving cause Canada prices). Next time I might sub the potatoes with sweet potatos as they tend to freeze and reheat better.

  11. Can i just bang this in the microwave

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  13. Hey Steph and Adam I been watching your guys videos for sometime now I’m writing you to see if you can help me with tracking my macros. I’m 37 about 5’10 weight 240. I’m active at work and also exercise 6 days. If you could figure it out for me that would be awesome. Thank you and God bless

  14. Javier pereira rodriguez

    announce when you release the ebook version please

  15. This looks SOOO Delicious! Also, I just Pre-Ordered my book!! Woot Woot!! Congratulations guys!

  16. This looks SO good

  17. This will definitely go into rotation for next week!! Confession I may use a bag of frozen stew veg (carrots onions celery potato) Preordering the book on Friday and sending in my screen shot <3


  19. I'm vegan I don't know why I'm watching this. it looks good though

  20. Plz do more healthy crockpot meals…this is going to really help this Winter! Thanks…love watching you guys. Congrats on the book.

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