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How to Make a Healthy, Weight-Loss Promoting Soup



  1. So you eat wall nuttz lol ? How about chin nuttz? Lol

  2. Easy and tasty chicken

  3. why no directions on recipe like how much of each to use on the soup looks yummy.

  4. Fidodolicious247 Possibilities

    Reading people's comment is so sickening and annoying. You cook ur own choice. As for me gal; I luv ur simple soup idea. keep it up.

  5. HEALTH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    my GODS America gets on my nerves
    …with all the "lose weight lose weight lose weight LOSE WEIGHT".
    That is NOT the POINT.

    … the POINT is to eat fresh, local, organic foods. The POINT is to COOK. The POINT is to stop outsourcing the best parts of life. The POINT is to stop consuming literal crap and demand higher quality produce, not only in foods but in every aspect of life.

  6. To all the people asking about the quantity of the ingredients, just add however much you want. You like walnuts a lot? Add more then. Like a more watery soup? Add more stock/water. Don't like onions? Add a little bit.

    You really don't need a specific measured quantity of ingredients

  7. "No calories no calories" after everything but what about all the fat in the chicken stock. 

  8. How much olive oil is used and how much water is needed for the chicken stock?
    I'll try it one day but without the walnuts and kale.

  9. Great video!! Will try!

  10. ? asian using White Western kitchen?

  11. BC you know, your ex is there so lets lose weight. Lets make your ex bf jealous? Wtf is this drama cooking show crap

  12. "Virtually no calories"

    "Everybody loves a smart girl"

    Just taking note of some of the odd things she said..

  13. I'd love if she played with me 

  14. The picture shows tomatoes, mushrooms and maybe yellow peppers, I would like the recipe that goes wit the picture. Also: in what amounts.

  15. this looks good! i'm curious how walnuts would taste in the soup. anyone try it?

    ps for some reason this woman reminds me of an asian Deb from Dexter hahah 🙂  (not an insult by the way because Deb is awesome!)

  16. untilwemeetagain2010

    Can you post the actual recipe? 

  17. Can you please post the ingredients and quantities ?:) thank you 

  18. Can you post the recipe?

  19. Thanks for the recipe! Any alternatives for barley? Sadly we don't have that here in our country. 

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