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How To Lose Weight In One Week With Water | DIY Detox Water ♥



  1. can you have it every day

  2. been on this since Saturday , no sodas and eating smaller portions . Have lost 4 pounds, this is so delicious. Thank u so much

  3. how much weight do you lose?

  4. where do buy that jug? what is the name of the brand

  5. nice video

  6. very clumsy at the beginning

  7. I put lime, cucumber and an 8th of a bell/green pepper in water yesterday. It's pretty good. very drinkable

  8. Can that make you go to the bathroom

  9. problem is you put powder ginger you need ginger from the grocery store just cut it into pieces and add to your water i havent done it but i see the fruit at the grocery store

  10. What should I eat while drinking the water

  11. can I drink that during my period?

  12. pretty cool video I use lemons limes oranges walmart didn't have mint leaves so I was out of luck lol

  13. what about apples ? I have Lemon and cucumber

  14. So does this work for losing weight and while eating healthy??

  15. Ive been drinking this for about 3 months.  I love the taste and I get compliments that Im "slimming down".  I haven't weighed myself in 3 months. So I don't know.  I see a little change in my clothes…but not much. But I like the water.  I make to big jugs a week.  I also do the braggs apple cider finger.  I take a swig of it and drink it down w/ my "water"

  16. Thanks! I lost 2 pounds this week. I drank two cups of this detox water.

  17. Well I decide to drink lemon water for 2 weeks for detox benefits..I had took some medication that wasn't agreeing with me and I wanted the meds out of my system . I notice that I wasn't eating. I crave nothing I thought sometime was wrong with me.. for some reason I went to read in depth about lemon water changing apetite…I am surprised how this made me not so hungry..I will continue with this

  18. your video is cool like you i try this you owsome

  19. missthunderstormable

    how to loose weight in 1 week turned into: how to detox and have a nicer looking skin….:(

  20. I loved how you threw shade at the end , I actually died laughing and your hair is so pretty

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