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How to Lose Weight Fast + Belly Fat _ Detox Water for Weight Loss & Glowing Skin!



  1. +superWOWstyle, I just wanted to ask, if you have tried this to loss weight, and does it work? I know you said that its best to drink this before breakfast, but is it ok to drink this after dinner, before you you go to bed?

  2. At the time of drinking hav to eat that lemon pieces too or not???

  3. awesome 🙂 much needed .. sooper easy too

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  5. How many days I can follow this… I wanna loose 12 kg.. Plz reply one more question… Us drink kostrain karke Pina hai na

  6. what do u mean by Dalchini or cinnamon ? plz explain

  7. u jst resemble me of barbie…ur cute se nakhre….n smile…????…like u alot ….n want to share a prblm …m so moody…i dnt no but whenever my mood swings ..i eat a lot….n can u tell me how to have self control…??m ??upset ..help me plz

  8. Chantelle Machokoto

    do you need cinnamon powder

  9. yaaa sure….love u a lot…u r soo cute …i have become ua follower…i love ua all videos…d best beauty blogger i found..

  10. yaa it realy works…i have tried it prachi diii…awesum taste too ….n yaa ua review on safii too helped me alot…i took 21 days challenge n m feeling change in my skin…thank u dii :-*

  11. can honey be used for people who have diabetes?

  12. can l stran it up and drink

  13. God I love your hair! I've started using your DIY's. Hope I Get Hair like Yours! 🙂 fingers crossed

  14. Fernanda A Rosales

    what can i use insted of gi ger

  15. if I Dont use honey there will be any problem

  16. thank u

  17. hahaha..
    beginning was superb.. ???
    love u ?

  18. it clears my skin

  19. i am ducking fat

  20. please please please reply

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