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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days – Indian Meal Plan / Indian Diet Plan by Versatile Vicky



  1. thnx for the lovely video. i am breastfeeding mom can you tell me what my diet should be. my daughter is 7 months old and just started solid food. i have gained 20kgs

  2. hieee.. i really loved your video.. n hv strted following d receipes.. i had a doubt.. the roti wic u made.. cn i skip flax seeds in it??

  3. Hi..me and my husband are very religiously following this plan since 3 days and my husband has lost the desired 3 kgs but not me..is it because the diet has lots of daal in it and according to my blood group (b+)..i should not be eating daal for weight loss and his is (O+) according to which daal is reaaly good…if tht can be the reason plz suggest what should i do..should i be replacing daal with eggs or paneer?please reply soon

  4. starting it from today.. lets hope for best… i know it diet plan from #versatile vicky it would definitly work.. IINSHAALLAH ALLAH would help me …?

  5. Hi everyone your comments are really motivating

  6. hi vicky…in Dalia can we add any spices…

  7. is roti difficult to digest

  8. can you people STOP asking others if this has worked for them. if you can't be bothered to do this diet for a mere 10 days yourself, stop wasting time pretending you want to see others results.

    I done this and I have lost 8.5 KG so far!

  9. what is the chemical your body releases at 3;05 ?? I can't quite make it out.. thanks in advance and a great video by the way.. I like that your using healthy protein packed foods :D

  10. Hi Versatile Vicky! Can I leave out the sprouts for the evening snack? I dont like the taste of it. For the roti, can I store the roasted and grinded oats, sesame seeds and flax seed for a few days?

  11. Hi vicky,
    how to prepare moongdal, vedio was not clear. pls update link for that

  12. can i use sooji instead of daliya/ oats ?

  13. Hi versatile vicky can u plz share a similar diet plan including non veg.

  14. api ..is it necessary to refrigerate the fat melter drink becoz I can't drink cold water

  15. Hello Vicky! this is Rebeka here. I just wanna knw that if m travelling on a train for a day in between this 10 days of dieting, dn how m i gonna make the oatmeal? is there any alternative for the oatmeal for just one day of travelling?

  16. Ghulam Murtaza (Muzi)

    Aha … it,s really difficult to lose weight…. can i survive with this diet plan? ha ha ha .. i cannot do all that things because i am really busy with my studies. is there any other way through which i can loose weight easily .. simple diet.. without making anything new

  17. can u play the video very speed can u give very slow video and thing are very hard place say very slow plase

  18. your voice ??

  19. Can we use fat belly diet drink instead of Baingan water?

  20. maam can we have cabbage as sabji for roti?

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