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How to Lose Weight Fast 10 Kg in 2 Weeks | Overnight Weight Loss Drink | Miracle Weight Loss Drink



  1. Can we use red colour apples instead of green and instead of celery can we use cilantro?

  2. Can I talk to u personally wanna discuss abt diet my email is sachpreet1617@gmail.com.

  3. But I'm too poor 🙁 No miracles for me I guess

  4. Hi Vicky, Please can you write the lists of the ingredient. I don't know all the ingredients name on the video. Thank you

  5. it looks yummy and I can't wait to try it? But can I use the bottle aloe instead of fresh aloe?

  6. This juice is LIFE.  I am working towards being raw vegan and kind of alternating between vegan and raw.  I have a sweet tooth and this juice isnt sweet but I do crave it and I feel amazing when I drink it.  Twice now on different days I was having a coffee craving and I said, drink this first and if you still want the coffee and whatever else then well see.  Well when I drink it I feel energized like I never would with coffee and I feel like I got a pick me up shot.  So thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe.  I dont have a juicer so I put it in my Vitamix and then strain it and just deliciousness!!

  7. Has anybody tries this? Did it really work? 10kgs off in 2wks? I tried justfast and only lost 6kgs. This sounds promising.

  8. what the name of the herp you add i heard you say salary ? alfovera herp not avilble in my country so i add parslie to mixture

  9. Can a breast feeding mum take this

  10. attained a lot of stretch marks please help!

  11. can you tell the alternative of celery, in our country its not available

  12. can i combine it with the other fat cutter drink of yourss??

  13. ma'am it is indian avacados????

  14. Is this suppose to make you go to the bathroom and #2?

  15. can i just skip the aloe vera?

  16. What really is a celery stick.??

  17. Hi Vicky what can I use instead of Kiwi?

  18. can a girl aged 15 drink it?

  19. That sounds good, what can I substitute to avocado?

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