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HOW I LOST 14LBS IN 10 DAYS | 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse



  1. Why frozen fruit and not fresh?

  2. 10 days is not 3 weeks

  3. Is this amount of ingredients per portion or per day? If per portion how many times I should be drinking it? Thank you

  4. Idk Why But I Love Your Voice. I Feel Like You Could Be an Amazing Singer.

  5. It works but I can't get pass the first 3 days it's no eating but yes you do have to keep drinking water. While doing the green smoothie cleans I wasn't drinking a lot of water and befor the ckease I use to drink a lot of water and my daughter noticed I wasn't drinking water as much. So it makes me wonder why I wasn't thirsty as much while on this cleanse. And it drained me of all my energy

  6. I want to lose weight but I've gotta get low key snatched in 15 days, you know? I have 6 months to lose all the weight to get to my goal, but there's this event in 2 weeks and I kinda need to get a snatched jawline lol

  7. So you drink one smoothie a day ?

  8. Man out of all the other YouTubers you have inspired me so much !

  9. I went from 183 to 152lbs 😭 I still hate the way I look which is crazy cuz I thought I would look and feel the way I wanted to at 155 which was my initial goal. I want to loose 10 more lbs pray for me 😭😭

  10. i’m starting july 5th!!

  11. Can i do the green smoothie without the pill

  12. Love it! HITT training really does work!

  13. Jezneee Fernandez

    You know how ppl say oh I’m watching this video with a bag of chips and laying on the couch well I have carrot, apple and ginger juice In my hands.❤️❤️❤️

  14. hey im starting my juice diet tomorrow and i was wondering if on the day you noticed you lost six pounds, did you see the difference in your body?

  15. Very inspiring. Thank you!

  16. Don't appreciate your clickbait title

  17. check out this blog its very informational helped me out a lot! https://fitness2week.health.blog

  18. Jocelyn Beatrice Nanfuka

    Your amazimg thank you for this video lovely

  19. How would I pack a smoothie to take to school??

  20. So um 21 days sis….

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