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Healthy Snacks – Healthy Snack Options For Bachelors & Students – Skinny Recipes For Weight Loss



  1. Malayalali aano.?

  2. Hi, how do you make avocado ? butter

  3. Tried this Banana bread snack with Almond butter….it is awesome…so is the date-nut almond..dessert…thank u

  4. Nisa! I didn't know avocado and chat masala can go together! I got chat masala last winter and sparkle it on fresh fruits mostly and every time I wonder what else I can sprinkle it on… thanks for the info Dear! I'm hungry just from looking at the avocado / tomato sandwich! I know what i'll be eating for lunch today, thanks to you ^-^
    Stay blessed, love xxxx

  5. More like this pls i need thm to eat bfr my gym

  6. Dastagir HUSSAIN S

    Hi mam..! Having oats in dinner is good for health or not..?! Is that advisable to have oats in dinner..??! Please reply

  7. Thank u so mch Nisha Chechi… Dis was d one I was waiting for…. Love u so much for dese… Dese are really helpful for me… I am a student…who stays in hostel… I really want to reduce my weight…and all ur recipies though good it was difficult to followfor students like us….. U had posted a video on snacks for hostelites…but dat too had something wch we had to cook n bring frmm home…… And D's is so wonderful….. Thank u soo mch…… Looking forward for more such……

  8. Thanks, the information is really helpful to everyone, #herbalremedies looking forward to the next video watching to learn.

  9. pls more such vdo but complete meal plan maybe more useful ☺

  10. Please share some recipe without bread

  11. Very nice Mam

  12. Wow I am so going to try this ?? thank youuuu ??

  13. Wow u r awesome ? mam

  14. Wahoooo in love with your recipes..i need more such healthy and skinny recipes.

  15. More such please

  16. Yamii. Very nice recepyy. Love???♥️♥️♥️???

  17. 2 healthy snacks for bachelors & students #weightloss #nisahomey #skinnyrecipes

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