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Healthy Protein Shakes For Weight Loss



  1. Well try thanks

  2. skip to 0:17 to get to the video and avoid the intro…..

  3. how many calories and how much protein is there in the hole recipe ? plz

  4. too much fake stuff in there man made stuff

  5. Thanks for the videos of how you do you're protein shakes helps me get ideas I like how you switch peanut butter with coconut oil I will do that and try egg whites too


  7. what if you want to put protein powder in the shake?

  8. Hey everybody,You can try this application with some Protein shakes recipes tips:
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromo.dev575994.app537002Don't forget to review it ;)Thanks for all.

  9. I would like to try to make this except I'm a little afraid to use raw uncooked egg, so probably I will do the protein powder you recommend, but I have one big problem that seems to keep me from getting to the size I wanna be. I have Lyme disease, and seems like no matter how hard I try, i can't lose the extra weight. Is there any kind of shake I can make that could battle the effects I have with the Lyme disease to where I can have successful weight loss?

  10. Is it a bad idea to use milk to a protein shake?

  11. what does that bene fibre do

  12. Google this diet, "fizy unique plan". It`s simple to follow and supplies some incredible results quite quickly. I`ve already dropped 10.5 lbs in a span of 10 days.

  13. After watching this video, I will suggest you drink me instead.

  14. Can I replace the egg whites with soy milk

  15. Fernanda Hernandez

    at firsr i was like ok thats not very expencive but then he strated pulling out all these things and now i am here like thats way ro healthy for me

  16. Hector Garcia-Martinez

    So why don't you add ingredients that are found in steroids but natural, To built muscle a lot faster???

  17. i have a question, i work in the morning from 8-4 and then hit the gym after when is it a great time to drink this or make this?

  18. Can i add almond milk instead of the water and once u put in the coconut oil I stopped there is that still good enough? Plz some reply

  19. hello handsome. can you make my shake?

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