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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss



  1. I made the soup and it's so good omg and I got my mom hooked on it

  2. "A vegan lil fake cheese" hahhaaaa omg I'm dying

  3. I am an athlete, and I am supposed to be eating a lot of protein and carbs in my diet. I find your videos very helpful because you give different variations of each meal, for different lifestyles/preferences. Thanks for making my life a heck of a lot easier!! 🙂

  4. Keli plz help me I am trying to lose weight but I just cannot stop eating rice and other very unhealthy foods… I just can't control myself when I have the chance…?

  5. Well I'll try. Thank you. ?

  6. your the best ❤?????❣

  7. hahahaha omg you are too funny!

  8. I'm in love with ur looks and those eyelashes look really good on you damn here u r making me jealous and ur personality as well these ideas r amazing thank you for these will try

  9. omfg thank u now I can do this with ur weight loss plan luv u so much?????

  10. I love that intro song omg

  11. Elizabeth Kessler

    can you please put what spices you use for your tofu?

  12. Going to make this soup in thirty minutes let me know if u want to know how it tastes and if it's worth a try!!❤️

  13. IT WAS THE BEST SOUP I HAVE EVER TASTED!!!! Thank uuuuu!!!!

  14. things i want to do

    I like eating a fruit salad with all kinds of fruits like strawberry ,blueberries,raspberries etc…. its sooooo delicious??

  15. Fun Cooking and More

    Nice food choices. I have some healthy recipes on my channel. Check it out if you'd like

  16. why only 800 likes I loved this

  17. Your so beautiful and you have do much self control!Your hair is so on fleek too!

  18. I found my favourite and the sweetest person ???

  19. For the soup: How do you do it without the blender? Does the stuff just not go all smooth? Would you chop up the spinach and add it in? I'm not sure

  20. Rebecca Shadowheart

    Is chees Healthy? I eat 48+ chees whit creakers a lot but is it healthy?

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