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Healthy Laddu Recipe – No Oil / No Ghee – Tasty Rice Laddoo For Kids – Healthy Indian Snacks Recipes



  1. How many calories in 100gm ladu?

  2. Have tried this for many times and it Turns out Supperb all the time…❤️. Thank You !! ?

  3. Nisa ji, I need to step up my protein intake. This laddoo seems to be a good plan. Can you suggest how I may add ragi and amaranth to this and maybe even sesame so that I get my calcium too?

  4. Jaggery? I live in U.S. Can you offer an alternative?

  5. Catherine Cynthiya

    Could be a great after school snack ?☺

  6. Can I use brown rice ?

  7. Thanks so much bless you now and always

  8. is jaggery is good for diabetes patients

  9. What’s the second one??? Jegry ???What is it made off??We don’t have that in Germany!!Have the Coconat!???

  10. Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley

    Hi, What is the English name of the powder you added before the coconut? Looks Good!??✌❤

  11. Kavipriya Senthilkumar

    Hi mama sometimes here we wont get fresh coconut is that ok of i use dry coconut flakes or frozen shredded coconut??

  12. Thank you for nice laddu

  13. You are amazing.?????????????????

  14. wow i am surprise. but i will sure to try this very tasty healthy looking ladoos. thank you for sharing

  15. Sai Krishna Madhavi

    Thanks for a cool recipe. Is here any video of yours which shows how to cook matta rice used in this recipe? I tried cooking it but it always turned out watery… Thanks!

  16. Your every recipe is awesome:) u have so much of knowledge,

  17. Superbbbb??

  18. Sooo good!❤️

  19. where do u buy the exactly same pan in calicut??

  20. Tried this one too.. that dough was little loose..so I didn't get the exact shape in first go.. BT it was really tasty…gud choice for kids also.. keep going ma'am..??

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